Hi there, my name is Amber James.

I help people say what they want to say. Specifically, I write and strategize B2B marketing and social media content for small departments, content creation agencies, and medium-sized companies.

Yes, I also write other kinds of content for other kinds of clients, but I love the B2B stuff.


  • Problems can be solved with words
  • The complex can be made simple
  • Truth comes from story, and story is where we must start
  • There are still new places and things and landscapes to be discovered, uncovered
  • Big dreams and ideas can be realized through well-laid strategy, and then one piece of content at at time, all working together toward a common purpose

You’ll want to know more about me before reaching out. Good idea. We should definitely get to know each other before diving into a relationship that could last years. Here’s my resume, portfolio, fun Q&A, and huge bragging rights.

I’m looking forward to collaborating with you soon!