Creatives in PDX

Creatives in PDX

Though Portland is saturated with us, finding a high-quality content creative can be challenging. To make your search for us that much easier, behold:


Dylan Benito
Jeanie Gosline, Words That Work
Jeff Gunderson, Gunderson Writing
Joel Barker, Word Lions
Kristin O’Neill, Knock Out Words
Kyle O’Brien, KOB Communications
Lisa-Natalie Anjozian
Mahesh Raj Mohan, Enlighten Writing
Mike Russell, Pivotal Writing
Rachel Wright
Sean Thielen, Sprocket Copy

Grant Writers/Fundraising Consultants

Kirsten Collins, KC Grants

Book/Manuscript Copyeditors

Sheila Ashdown
Susan Rich, Rich Writing

Graphic Designers

Andrea Henning, Andeelynn Design
Ian Henderson, Hendersonian Design
Kelly Kerwick


Allison Bruns, Bruns Illustration
Andrea Henning, Andeelynn Design

Kelly Kerwick

Creative Momentum

Lynette Xanders, Wild Alchemy


Dave Pattillo, Cue the Announcer

Web Designers

Ian Henderson, Hendersonian Design
Leo Daedalus, Helsinqi Creative
Liz Valentine, Swift Collective
Vicky Knox Leider, Shimna Design